Brett J. Schiller

Your course instructor

Hi, I’m Brett. In the last decade I’ve learned a great number of secrets about public speaking. How? By doing public speaking. Several times a week in front of audiences of up to 1,000. I’ve spoken on a variety of topics with plenty of preparation time, and filling in at the last minute and having to think on my feet.

My course has been developed from experience. What we will learn together is first-hand, learned in the trenches style tactics. My mistakes and bad habits had to be overcome by refining my process. And believe me, the process wasn’t always fun. Now I want to offer all the strategies I developed over the years to boost your presentation skills up a notch. Whether you are going to be presenting to an audience with the intention to sell or inform, entertain or lead, we can help. I earned my Master of Business Administration in 2006 and then went on to become a sales specialist in the medical industry. That means my customers were very savvy and very busy. I was forced to make my point quickly and effectively. If a customer sensed that I wasted their time, then I likely would not get a second chance.


Speaking to groups in that setting taught me a valuable lesson: Being confident and to the point makes people hear you. Some years later, I made a shift in careers. I took an offer to work on a cruise ship. Talk about a change! The job required me to give in-depth presentations to massive audiences about the ship’s destinations. I had to provide a comprehensive overview of each port we visited and get people excited about them. On top of that, I was often called upon to host events, participate in game shows and talent contests, and even tell jokes on stage in front of audiences in the hundreds. Let me tell you, if you can make an audience laugh on command, you will feel like you can get the audience to do anything after that. So I tell you all that to tell you this. I had to be good at public speaking and engaging people if I was going to make it in these jobs.


The practice I received in speaking to people in both groups and major audiences accumulates to thousands of hours of practice. Sure, there are academics out there that can give you the theory of what makes a good speech, but if you can’t apply those theories, then what benefit are they? No, the best coaches and the best teachers are those that have had to survive off what they are teaching. They are the examples you should follow.







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