Lesson number one: Confidence

That's right, we will. And this is the pace we're going to keep. 
Now go on and watch the first part about confidence here:
Don't feel bad if you don't immediately feel like you can't screw up.
This belief is something that'll get stronger with time as you practice –but it is important to know it and cultivate it from day one.  
In case you didn't pay attention or your dementia is acting up:
Exercise one:
Find a text, any text and read it out loud. If you don't make any mistakes – read it faster.
Let yourself make the mistakes, but when you do – don't stop. Just keep on calmly. Correct yourself, but don't apologize!
You are allowed to make mistakes! Even the most experienced speakers make mistakes constantly! You rarely even notice their mistakes because they have learned how to just keep going without making a thing it. And if they don't acknowledge it – neither will you. 
Exercise two:
Practice your emotional range:
1. Record yourself reading a text a few times with varying range of emotion.
2. Watch the video to learn what different levels of emotions look like to anyone who watches you.
This exercise will show you that what you think is your emotional expressiveness level – probably isn't. 
Don't want to do your homework? 
That's fine with me, but don't come wining later that you sounded like a robot on stage. 
Find a quiet place where you can be by yourself and just do it! It will be worth your time in the long run. This is how superstars are made.
Remember; no guts, no glory. 







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