The Program

10 effective video lessons for quick improvement

Lesson 1:  Confidence – Boost your English confidence in one hour.

-Know your level

- Presenting with a foreign accent

- Cutting the fillers

- Breathing techniques

- Turn your nervousness around

- A few simple rules for English

Lesson 2:  Talk – Know exactly how to say what you came to say. 

- Pronouncing properly

- Pace

- Non-hedging language

- Mimic the best

Lesson 3:  Audience – Learn how to make them work for you. 

- De-demonizing the audience

- Know your audience

- Audience psychology

-  Positive visualisation

Lesson 4:  Presentation – Build a presentation that will keep your audience listening. 

- 3 rules for effective presentations

- Defining your goal

- Opening slide

- Dos and Don'ts 

Lesson 5:  Vocabulary – Learn 25 powerful words to incorporate into your talk. 

- 25 powerful words that will boost your presentation (and your English in general)

- Several examples for each word, because to use them properly you must truly know them

- How to pronounce them properly

Lesson 6:  Culture – Know exactly how to act, dress and talk.  

- Body language

- Facial expression

- Appearance (attire)

- Eye contact

- Don't be selling

Lesson 7:  Blunders – Learn how to make your screwups unnoticeable  

- Keeping it cool

- Be unapologetic

- How to deal with tech malfunctions

- How to deal with difficult questions in English

Lesson 8:  Focus – Know what's important and what not to pay attention to.   

- The most important things to think about when preparing

- What's not important to think about when preparing

- The most important things to think about when on stage

- What's not important to think about when on stage

Lesson 9:  Practice – Learn the most effective practice tools to make the most progress in the shortest time.   

- 3 approaches to practice

- The importance of pause in practice

- Practicing alone and with an audience

- Practicing in your head

- How to collect feedback and apply it

Lesson 10:  Advanced – Learn the skills even the masters are always working to improve. 

- Using humor in a presentation

- Talking with genuine emotion

- Teaching complex matters in the simplest way

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