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1) I will teach you the step-by-step approach to learning the skill of public speaking aimed at dramatically improving how you feel and perform in front of an audience.

2) By the end of it you’ll feel confident engaging your audience, whether it be a small group business meeting, a massive audience or a bloodthirsty street mob. I'll also get you feeling comfortable and poised speaking to a camera, medium of captivating the audience of today and the future.

3) You’ll know how to tell vivid stories, how to incorporate humor (if you dare), eliminate annoying filler words like “um” and “uh” and much more.

4) I’ll keep your interest. Most students fall short of completing an online course because of boredom. I get it. Online courses are boring! So I’ll keep you watching and learning by taking you under my wing as both a teacher and coach. So expect some rough talk, some tough love and big results. Because I can assure you, this will not be a boring course!


This course is valuable to those who want to:

1. Speak on stage. Get on a stage in front of a large audience and deliver a kick-ass presentation. 

2. Get noticed. People notice people who can speak well! If you can speak clearly and confidently in front of any group of people, be it in a business meeting or a hangout - people will pay attention.

3. Gain an important life skill. Do you know the kind of person who  can always give a great speech? Be it a speech at a wedding, funeral, in front of a class or any other social gathering? You can become that person.

4. Boost confidence level. Like mastering a martial art, being able to speak to a large crowd is one of the greatest of confidence boosters. It’s true! They are assets that can be used to display strength and give self assurance. 


5. Become more influential. People respect and listen to  people whom communicate well on stage. This is why everyone and their grandmother  want to be a TED speaking these days.

6. Increase career opportunities. The more you talk confidently to groups rather than individuals - be it in meetings, conferences, or at a dinner. People will see you as a force to be reckoned with.

7. Become future proof. The future of the internet media is video. In the coming years, writing will taper off to video as the preferred avenue of expressing thoughts, opinions, and ideas. If you can't speak naturally and confidently into a camera lens, then you will get left behind.

8. Build an online following. Since video is quickly becoming the preferred social media following, your newly found confident persona on camera will gain the most followers. With a firm command of how to speak well, you’ll be amongst those who shine. 

 If you are sensitive to dark humor, profanity or verbal abuse  - this course is NOT for you.



3 modules

11 sessions

The course is built in a logical, easy to follow structure of modules, Sessions, and Lessons

53 video lessons 

The recorded content is delivered through 53 high quality video clips. 

10 lists and templates

Checklists and templates that will make your life as a public speaker easier

12 assignments & exercises

The most effective way to learn is to practice. I have developed several  exercises that have proven effective.

24 external resources

There's lots of great information that I am not covering here available on the web, but don't worry, I will share all of it with you.


Module 1: Being ready to give a talk

We begin with working on the most fundamental part of public speaking - creating a confident version of yourself. Not an overhaul of your psyche or cognitive therapy. We’re going to focus on just the version of you that needs to be on stage. We’ll leave your relationship with your mother out of the conversation and focus on how to grab hold of confidence in front of an audience. . We’ll tackle how  to deal with a low esteem that comes from stage fright, and how to speak with emotion and resolve. Once we’ve tweaked you there, we’ll move on to proper preparation, the key to public speaking confidence. I’ll guide you through how to collect and sift through all the information you will need to build a great talk. You’ll learn how to familiarize yourself with your audience in advance, the importance of reaching out to the principal players in helping to make your talk error proof . Everything you need to know in order to sleep like a baby the night before your big talk. 

Session 1: Confidence

  • How it’s impossible to screw up

  • How to get away with mistakes

  • How to speak with an emotional range

  • How to deal with stage trauma

  • How to bury low self-esteem

  • How to explode your stage confidence

Session 2: Preparation

  • How to fill your head with knowledge of your subject

  • How to aim directly at your audience

  • -How to own your speaking venue

Session 3: Building a visual presentation

  • How to build a slide show

  • How to be free from reliance on visual aids

Session 4: Structure

  • Developing vision, strategy and tactics for your talk

  • The art of Simplicity

  • Building an attention grabbing opening

  • Forging the Pillars of your talk

  • Constructing a closing that leads people to action​

Module 2: The Art of Speaking

We get into the nitty gritty. Here we learn the power of a first impression. We’ll leave nothing to chance, even the moment you walk on stage and face your listeners.  You’ll get the scoop on  relevant body language and how to not look stiff or awkward. Then, we’ll focus on how to dress to kill and then taking ownership of the stage and learning the secrets on how to maximize its space.  
Most importantly - you'll learn the art of conversation with an audience instead of just speaking at them. There will be insight about interpreting the non-verbal queues your audience gives you while you’re speaking. We will cover all the tricks of how to lead your listeners down the path you want them to go - how to engage, entertain, inform and persuade. As if that weren’t enough, I’ll teach you how speaking to a camera is different than speaking to a live audience and how to nail that as well. And, finally, I will tell you how the pro speakers practice their talks and how to always keep improving your skill. 

Session 1: Delivery on Stage

  • Walking up on stage - Making your first impression truly count 

  • Voice tempo and pitch

  • Body language and gestures

  • How to dress for the occasion

  • Maintaining control of your audience

Session 2: Entertain,Inform,Persuade

  • How to optimize a talk for persuasion

  • How to effectively persuade an audience

Session 3: Speaking to a Digital Audience

  • Speaking into a camera lens

  • Setting up a scene 

  • Pro tips: camera, audio, etc

Session 4: Effective Practice - Never Stop Improving

  • Three approaches to practicing your talk

  • How to practice effectively alone and with others

  •  A memorization technique that really works

  • How to collect instant feedback


Module 3: The Master's Tools

Once you know how to build a killer talk, get on stage or in front of a camera and deliver a talk your audience will remember, it's time to move on to the advanced skills of the trade. In this final module you will learn how to tell a captivating story, complete with details and emotion. Then, if you dare to try it, I will break down the mechanics of humor. You’ll get your audience laughing and put them at ease.

Session 1: Storytelling

  • The power of a story

  • How to implement a story anywhere in your speech

  • How to take the car of your audience's imagination for a wild drive

Session 2: Humor

  • A word  of caution

  • When to use humor and when absolutely not to

  • The mechanics of a good joke

  • Exaggeration, Buildup, and Surprise

Session 3: Conclusion

  • Final words

  • External resources


8 years of full time public speaking experience & master teacher


Good question. He isn’t a professor or a formally trained teacher. He doesn’t write incessant blog posts about public speaking just so his SEO can tick upward. He’s not on instagram, twitter, the facebook thing or any other media platform as someone trying to scream into the abyss of the internet that he’s good at something.
Instead Brett proved that he could nail public speaking, first to himself and then to the world. He took a job on a cruise ship, talking to audiences from around the globe about everything and anything they needed to know to make the most of their dream vacation. His job centered on breaking down the best and most interesting aspects of all of the 250+ destinations to which the ship would sail. He would speak to a live audience of up to 1000 people who were all keen to hear him to be engaging, humorous, and most importantly, accurate. Here’s the kicker… many times he would be presenting as the expert on a place he hadn’t even visited. And yet, the audience was none the wiser in nearly every circumstance. Now if that doesn’t take a brass set of balls, what does?
Brett was smart enough to learn from his experience. Every time he took the stage, four times a week for over eight years, he was experimenting more and more with what worked well and what he should scrap. There was no stagnant or dry repeating just to stay comfortable. Further, he had no teacher or coach, so he made success happen from trusting his gut and watching the reactions of his audience.







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